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Security Screenings and Prohibited Items

The following items are prohibited on all premises to create a safe and pleasant viewing environment for our visitors.
We check the belongings of visitors through security screening equipment. Thank you for your cooperation.

Prohibited Items Details

  • Type 1. Items that may endanger or frighten other visitors (Weapons, chemical liquids, etc.)
  • Type 2. Items that may pose a threat to the building and/or facilities (Flammable/ignitable items such as lighters, butane gas and other explosive substances, etc.)
  • Type 3. Items that may interfere with a pleasant viewing environment for visitors (Food, glass bottles, pets, photographic/recording equipment, large bags, vehicles, athletic equipment, items not necessary for the observatory or those determined to be harmful to the observatory viewing by others, etc.)

Please refer to the above link for a detailed list of prohibited items.

Please note that the observatory does not offer luggage storage. If required, please use the coin lockers located at Lotte World Mall.

Wheelchair access is available. For safety purposes, however, we will guide you and one other companion to an alternate line. Please refer to a staff member for assistance.

Screening equipment utilizes harmless electromagnetic waves.

Observatory Etiquette and Precautions

Code of Conduct for Safe Viewing

Visitors should observe the following code of conduct to ensure a safe and pleasant viewing environment in the observatory.

Code of Conduct Table
1. Smoking is strictly prohibited on all premises. (Article 9 of the National Health Promotion Act: Non-Smoking Facilities and Standards)
2. No outside food or drink allowed.
3. No running or yelling in the observatory.
4. No walking on the escalators - grab both rail handles.
5. No congregating in large crowds or acting extremely on the Sky Deck or Sky Terrace.
6. Be careful not to let your belongings fall out of the building or downstairs below.
7. No loitering or holding/reserving a seat for another. Please refrain from using a tripod (including "selfie sticks"), lying on the floor, or utilizing an excessively large area.
8. Please use the Lotte World Tower infirmary (First Aid Center) if quasi-drugs are required. (A doctor's diagnosis is required for pharmaceuticals - Article 44 of the Pharmaceutical Affairs Act)
9. All visitors - especially including pregnant women and the elderly - should seek sufficient education/training in advance when using the Sky Deck or Sky Terrace.
10. Video or voice recording within the Observatory premises is not permitted (If needed, please speak with our representatives).

Miscellaneous Precautions

  • Admission may be denied or you may be requested to leave if you perform acts that may harm other viewers or do not observe the proper viewing etiquette.
  • We shall not be responsible for accidents, injury, loss, or theft caused by negligence attributable to the visitor.
  • You shall be liable for repairs in case of intentional damage to the facilities.
  • Viewing in certain areas may be restricted due to broadcasting, events, etc.
  • Operating dates and/or hours of internal facilities and contents are subject to change without prior notice according to business policy.
Detailed List of Prohibited Items
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Table of Prohibited Items
Category (Purpose) Examples Exceptions
Prevention of personal injury Weapons

Anything that can be used as a weapon such as knives (e.g. fruit knife, box cutter), scissors, guns, stun guns, tools, etc. (including toys of similar form and stationery)

Sporting goods such as nunchaku, baseball bats, golf clubs, etc.


Any liquid containing chemical components such as oils, petroleum, poison, etc.

Other liquids must be consumed at the screening area prior to entry.
Prevention of facility damage Lighters All flammable/ignitable goods and combustible materials. None
Explosives Materials that may explode such as gunpowder, explosives, firecrackers, butane gas, etc. None
a pleasant viewing environment
glass bottles
Opened food, other spillable food, unsealed beverages, etc. (Alcoholic beverages such as beer and soju are prohibited regardless of being sealed.) Possession possible for items under the condition of not being eaten in our facilities. (Boxed lunch, unopened cup noodles, etc.)
Pets All animals such as dogs, cats, etc. Hearing dogs, guide dogs for the blind, etc.
Photographic/recording equipment Privacy-infringing equipment such as large photographic/recording equipment, precision telescopes, etc. All pre-negotiated equipment
Bags/luggage All wheeled luggage, large bags, etc. Bags must be within standard carry-on bag size of 43 cm x 25 cm x 22 cm.
Vehicles and
personal items

All vehicles such as strollers, bicycles, wheeled shoes, scooters, etc.

Noise-generating items (musical instruments, etc.), tripods, selfie sticks, or other items not necessary for viewing in the observatory; Goods that are determined to be harmful to viewing by others.

Wheelchairs allowed

Noise-generating items (musical instruments): If kept in an instrument case or contained within an allowable bag size.

Other Dress code

Removal of items such as masks, sunglasses, and hats requested for identification. (Limits CCTV facial recognition function for screenings)

Offensive clothing or items that may be a safety risk. (Loose clothing, shoelaces, etc.)

Slippers and water/aqua shoes allowed if determined not to be dangerous for escalator use.
Narcotics, etc. Illegal goods and other items that may damage the viewing environment of others. None

Storable items: Only certain large bags (luggage) and strollers allowed depending on circumstances. No other items allowed for storage.