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Ticket Information (Price, reservation, ticketing, and cancellation)

Ticket Type and Price

  • Two types of observatory tickets are available: Regular and Fast Pass.

    General admissions tickets have a designated date and time of visit, while Fast Pass tickets can be used for immediate admission without prior reservation.

  • General tickets are divided into two categories depending on the age of the visitor (based on ID card).
    Age-dependent General and Fast Pass ticket price list
    General Ticket Fast Pass (All ages)
    Adults (Ages 13+) Children (Ages 3 - 13)
    ₩29,000 ₩25,000 ₩50,000

    General tickets can be purchased online, by mobile app, or at on-site ticket office. For details, please refer to the General Ticket Guide below.

    Free admission for children under 36 months with paid accompanying guardian. (Proof required)

  • A single price (₩50,000) is applied to all Fast Pass tickets regardless of age and can only be purchased at an on-site ticket office on the day of visit.
  • SKYBRIDGE TOUR ticket guide
    SKYBRIDGE TOUR ticket guide
    Tickets Price Notes
    FTicket office
    Standard 120,000 WON Includes: admission ticket, tour, 2 photos
    Premium 132,000 WON Includes: admission ticket, tour, 2 photos,
    1drink from 123 Lounge
    (10 people over)
    108,000 WON Includes: admission ticket, tour, 2 photos
    Info desk
    General 96,000 WON Includes: tour, 2 photos

    Online reservation: Standard tickets only

    No refunds available for photos and meals.

General Ticket Guide (Ticket Purchase)

  • Tickets can be reserved 14 days before the day of the visit, and the ticket period can be adjusted. Tickets are issued only on the date of admission.
  • From 1 hour before admission time, ticket reservation and issuance are only available at an on-site ticket office.
  • Tickets can be purchased online, by mobile app, or at on-site ticket office. (Up to 8 tickets can be booked per transaction for online and mobile app reservations.)
    • Online Reservation: www.lotteworld.com/seoulskyticket Online Reservation
    • Mobile Reservation: App Installation Screen Download for Android
    • On-Site: Lotte World Tower B1F Observatory Lobby (Separate ticket office for individual and group tickets)

    To create a safe viewing environment in the observatory, we limit the number of admissions according to session. Therefore, tickets may sell out early, and even customers who designated a time of admission may experience a delay at the time of entry.

    We recommend reserving a ticket online or via mobile app to avoid any issues.

SKY BRIDGE TOUR reservation guide

  • Tickets for tours can be purchased from one month before the date of use, and the reservation period can be adjusted.

    You can only buy one-day tour tickets at the on-site ticket office.

  • Tickets are available online and in mobile applications and at the on-site ticket office(the ticket office on B1F and the Tour information center on 117F).
  • Please arrive at the 117th floor Tour Information Center at least 10 minutes prior to the tour.

Group Ticket

  • A group rate is applied for groups of 15 or more people.
  • Please contact the ticket office for more information on group rates.
    • Domestic, foreign group inquiry : 02-3213-8080~8081
    • Japanese group inquiry : 1899-8905

Refund Policy

  • Refund (same for cancellations and changes) rates for reserved tickets are as follows.
    Reserved ticket refund rate table
    From Date of Visit
    D-14 - 1
    Day of Visit
    (Before admission time)
    Day of Visit
    (After Admission Time)
    After the Visit Date or For Visitor’s Change of Mind After Admission
    100% Refund 90% Refund No Refund

    Please make sure to check the refund rates and make reservations carefully. Refunds are not available for undesirable weather conditions. (Cloudiness, fog, etc.)

Ticket Use Guide

  • Issued tickets can be used to enter the Lotte World Tower Seoul Sky Observatory (BF Lobby, 117F through 122F) only on the designated date. The 123rd floor may be restricted depending on circumstances.
  • Admission to the observatory is limited to the date and time printed (indicated) on the issued ticket. Admission will be limited at other times.
  • Re-entry is not allowed, and tickets cannot be transferred to another person.
  • Entry may be delayed depending on circumstances.
  • A refund will result in a penalty charge. Be sure to refer to the refund and cancellation policy. A full refund will be provided if observatory admission is restricted due to reasons attributable to Lotte.
  • Tickets purchased with credit cards or points will not be returned in cash.
  • We will not be responsible for lost or damaged tickets, and no reissuances will be made.


Online Reservation

  1. Verification Code (Email or text)
    • On-Site Ticketing (On day of admission)
    • Ticketing via Mobile App
  2. Admission

Your verification code will be sent to your mobile phone or email address if you have already made a reservation online.

Please visit the ticket office on your day of visit and present your verification code. We will then issue your tickets.

Mobile Reservation

  1. Mobile Ticket Issuance (On day of admission)
  2. Admission

Mobile tickets can be issued on the day of entry if you make a reservation using the mobile app.

Ticket Issuance

  1. Ticketing Screen Select Ticketing Method
  2. Mobile or Paper Ticket Mobile or Paper Ticket

In this case, you will be allowed admission by presenting your mobile app ticket without the need to visit the ticket office for a paper ticket.

Be sure to arrive at the observatory at least 15 minutes before your designated entry time if you purchased a ticket with a set date and time.

On-Site Ticketing

  1. Paper Ticket Issuance (On day of admission)
  2. Admission

To create a safe viewing environment in the observatory, we limit the number of admissions according to session. Therefore, we recommend reserving your ticket online or via mobile app to avoid sold-out tickets or long waiting times for on-the-spot tickets.


  • Be sure to arrive at the observatory in a timely manner if you purchased a ticket with a designated date and time.
  • Mobile app tickets and paper tickets have the same effect.
  • A deleted mobile ticket attributable to customer negligence will not be eligible for a refund, exchange, or reissuance.
  • If you reserved a ticket via mobile website rather than the app, you will be allowed admission after having been issued a ticket at the ticket office.