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About the Observatory & View

  • Lotte World Tower - 123 stories, 555 meters

    The Seoul Sky Observatory is located at the top of the Lotte World Tower, the world's fifth tallest building standing 123 stories and 555 meters high. As the tallest building in South Korea,
    it is the only place where you can take in a gorgeous 360-degree view of Seoul, the capital city of South Korea roaring with brilliant history and dynamic modern culture.

  • Elevation Drawing (B2F Exhibition Hall, B1F Observatory Lobby / Gift Shop, 117F Observatory Entrance / Observation Deck, 118F Observatory Entrance / Sky Deck, 119F Sky Friends Dessert Café, 120F Observatory Exit / Sky Terrace, 121F Observatory Exit / Gift Shop, 122F Seoul Sky Café, 123F 123 Lounge)

    The Observatory offers a diverse range of unique experiences
    that can only be had at a thrilling height of 500 meters in the air, including various exhibitions based on the theme "The Pride of Korea,"
    a café above the clouds, and exclusive tower-themed souvenirs.

  • Seoul Sky throughout the day

    Visitors can see all of the different facets of Seoul Sky,
    ever-changing with the four seasons and time of day.


East: Olympic Park, Guri, and Hanam

East: Panorama of Olympic Park, Guri, and Hanam

West: Gangnam, Teheran-ro, COEX, and Jamsil Stadium

West: Panorama of Gangnam, Teheran-ro, COEX, and Jamsil Stadium

South: Namhansanseong and Seongnam

South: Panorama of Namhansanseong (Mountain Fortress) and Seongnam

North: Gangbuk, [Mt.] Bukhan-san, Han River

North: Panorama of Gangbuk, [Mt.] Bukhan-san, Han River





A dazzling high-rise structure located at the epicenter of Seoul.




A spectacular observatory embodying the aura of a mountain arising out of three circles symbolizing natural energy, traditional Korean motifs, and a bright future.


Our Sky Friends represent the Lotte World Tower and its 123 stories.

They were born of earth, water, and the heavens on the day the tower was completed.

The Sky Friends live together in harmony as family.

  • Tower Lota Tower Lota

    Tower Lota is a mature, dependable friend who likes to look after his pals.
    He enjoys making gifts for his friends using clouds.

  • Pix Lolo Pix Lolo

    Pix Lolo is always by Lota's side, protecting the Seoul skies.
    He's quite intelligent and loves to read books in his spare time.

  • Chu Tete Chu Tete

    The meticulous and tidy Chu Tete looks after the waters of Seoul.
    She's cute, innocent, and loves to be complemented on her adorable looks.

  • Yum Tao Yum Tao

    It's no secret - everything looks like food to Yum Tao.
    He’s the youngest of the bunch and knows how to use his cuteness.