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Exhibition Hall Floor Directory

  • SKY PLATFORM (Exhibition Hall): B2F
  • Lobby: B1F
  • Observation Deck: 117F
  • Sky Deck: 118F
  • Visitors who pass through the security checkpoint can take the escalator on the left side along the aisle to reach the Exhibition Hall (B2F) where they will be greeted by the Mega Column to the right at 10 meters. Images are shown on Magic Glass, and the actual architectural model can be seen behind, providing visitors a unique and colorful experience.

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    The Birth of the Tower
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    How amazing would it be to see the entire process of constructing the Lotte World Tower? Well, you can experience this for yourself on B2F. The actual structure of the Mega Column is exposed, and the introduction of Tower architecture can be seen on the transparent Magic Vision.
    The safety-oriented design process behind the Lotte World Tower, cutting-edge technologies, and unique characteristic elements are all represented using futuristic, striking images together with intuitive information.

  • The Exhibition Zone Media Wall is located 10 meters to the left of the Exhibition Hall (B2F). Here, a video containing Korea's natural environments as well as world landmarks is screened.

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    The Pride of Korea
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    The Exhibition Zone Media Wall consists of two different subjects over a large area.

    The first story on the Exhibition Zone Media Wall is a video about the beauty of Korea
    that can be seen from the Lotte World Tower, the architectural representative of South Korea. We've created a video that proudly shows South Korea's landmarks, buildings, cultural assets, and traditional arts to our visitors.
    Visitors will no doubt be amazed by the 36 large screens that show every nook and cranny of South Korea including images of stunning natural beauty.

    The second story on the Exhibition Zone Media Wall is a panorama of various cultural heritages
    and skyscrapers throughout the world that can be seen from a single location as a complement to the Lotte World Tower.
    We wanted to tell a story of the world and those living in it, while simultaneously expressing humanity and love, the fundamental aspect of Lotte World Tower's grandeur and spaciousness.

  • Walk from the Guardian Tree toward the wall to be greeted by four works of art. Works produced by famous Korean artists are exhibited, and the OLED panels on the surfaces provide visitors an even richer experience.

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    Tower Gallery
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    Ever wonder what major building materials were used to create the Lotte World Tower?
    This space is dedicated to four works of art created using the Tower's main building materials.
    The four pieces not only represent the glass, reinforcement steel, concrete, and marble used in the Tower's construction, but also art, nature, architecture, and crafts as interpreted by the four artists through three-dimensional sculptures.
    In this space, you can experience the fusion between the artworks of Korean artists and the cutting-edge technology of South Korea.

    A-mi Choi
    Title: Eungabi
    Medium: Cast glass 
    This piece is a visual representation of the traditional harmony of Korea using brushes and calligraphy that symbolize Korea's creativity.
    The title "Eungabi" was taken from a Korean phrase meaning "shine light in the darkness." It represents Korea's creativity and emphasis on harmony in beauty and captures the significance of Lotte World Tower as a shining beacon of Korea's architectural achievements.
    The work symbolizes a Korean calligraphy brush which became the motif for the structure, represented by over 20,000 curtain walls made of glass that cover the building exterior.

    Un-Chang Song
    Title: I'm Fine
    Medium: Steel, urethane coating
    This piece is an expression of Korea's beloved pine tree, likening the natural strength to Lotte World Tower and its 9.0 magnitude earthquake and wind-resistant construction which consists of over 5,000 tons of reinforcement steel and steel frames.
    The pine tree, able to stand firm against the tremendous natural forces, was used as a symbolic representation of the Lotte World Tower, and the piece reflects the Tower's advanced welding technology in each branch, even expressing steadfastness, the national spirit of South Korea. The trunk of the pine tree symbolizes the diagrid construction method used in the Lotte World Tower as a core element to its design.

    Sang-Kyun Kim
    Title: Scenery 2016 - Palace
    Medium: Grout (Special concrete)
     This piece is a representation of Korean traditional architecture expressed through modern special concrete formulation and pressure-feeding technology employed in the construction of the Lotte World Tower. Working with a unique concrete casting method, the famed sculptor has created a royal palace in concrete based on Hanok architecture, the pinnacle of traditional Korean architecture.
    Gyeonghuigung Palace, the most beautiful and mystical structure in Joseon-era Hanyang (capital city), was recreated by the artist using concrete, the key technology and core element of the Lotte World Tower, to fully express the brilliance of Korean architecture.

    Kyeong-Won Ryu
    Title: Millennium
    Medium: Marble
    The final piece is a representation of Korean celadon pottery – one of the motifs of the Lotte World Tower's design – created using the finest marble. The inlaid cloud and crane designs from the Celadon Prunus Vase (National Treasure No. 68) was replicated on top of the shape of the Celadon Bottle with Bamboo Design (National Treasure No. 169) to create a striking artwork. The crane and cloud patterns, symbolizing everlasting youth, represent our desire for the well-being of our visitors as well as Lotte World Tower itself.

  • The Guardian Tree is located 3 meters behind the Mega Column. LED display panels at the top of the tree show imagery of four seasons in Korea. The bench around the trunk provides a place to relax for our visitors.

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    Guardian Tree
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    The ceiling around the Guardian Tree displays interpretations of the Korean sky in each of the four seasons.
    A new sensation awaits you as you gaze at the symbolic metaphors and colors representing each season.

  • The Korean Architecture area awaits you along the passage to the left after exiting the Tower Gallery. The ceiling displays roofs of old Korean palaces as expressed by the artist Bon-Chang Ku.

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    Korean Architectural Beauty
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    The Korean Architecture area was inspired by the beauty in patterns, colors, and structures found in traditional Korean architecture. We collaborated with Bon-Chang Ku, a world-renowned Korean photographer, to create a ceiling unlike any other.

  • The Sky Platform waiting area is located just before the Sky Shuttle elevator, beyond the Korean Architecture area and to the right.

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    Technology of Sky Shuttle
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    You will soon be able to board the Sky Shuttle after a brief moment of waiting. In this space, we wanted to provide maximum comfort to our visitors by conveying the feeling of elevation through motifs such as flower petals and jewels as particles against the sky while at the same time delivering information about the double-deck elevator.

  • After passing through the Sky Platform's automatic doors, walk just 2 meters to the left to find the Sky Shuttle elevator that will take you to the 117th floor.

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    Sky Shuttle
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    We're now ready to take our first step towards the Observatory.
    There are four large screen panels around you, one on the ceiling and one on each of the three walls. As the elevator begins to ascend, you will be presented with a video showing Seoul's progress from the Gyeongbok Palace, the center of development, to culture and life spreading near Namsan. You will also see Yeouido, the home of modern development, as well as the miracle of the Han River and rapid development in Gangnam.
    In addition, you will be treated with a time-lapse video of Lotte World Tower, the tallest building in South Korea, as it was built in Jamsil. Finally, you will arrive at the Observatory and be greeted by the heavenly skies at an elevation of 555 meters.

  • After exiting the elevator, pass through the automatic doors to the right to be greeted by Remember Sky. A large media wall can be found to the right of Remember Sky.

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    Memories of Seoul Sky
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    Unfortunately, this is where we finally say good-bye.
    Before parting ways, please take a moment to meet those who made Seoul Sky possible.
    A panoramic mosaic will show you how the Lotte World Tower was created, including the dedicated people who made it all possible. We hope you enjoyed everything Lotte World Tower has to offer.
    Thank you. We hope to see you again.

Amenities Guide

  • Restrooms After passing through Remember Sky (B2F), the restrooms can be found to the right of the escalator 3 meters in front.
  • Elevator After passing through Remember Sky (B2F), the parking garage elevator can be found behind the exit escalator 3 meters in front.
  • Escalator Turn left at the Tower Gallery and walk forward 15 meters to find the (premium) escalators. The exit escalator can be found directly in front after passing through Remember Sky.
  • Exhibition Hall After exiting the entrance escalator, the Exhibition Hall is situated from the Mega Column to the Korean Architecture area.