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B1F Standby zone

B1F Standby Zone

You can find various displays showing the Pride of Korea, the history of Korea's birth and growth, in the Standby Zone on B1F.
It is a special space where you can feel the traditional beauty and pride of Korea from various multimedia content representing the harmony of Yin and Yang through which growth and prosperity was achieved.

B2F Exhibition Zone

B2F SKY PLATFORM (Exhibition Zone)

The Exhibition Zone on B2F features additional multimedia content showing South Korea through the eyes of the world as another symbol of the Pride of Korea.
In a space symbolizing the formative beauty and originality of the Korean language (Hangeul), you can experience both tangible and intangible Korean cultural heritage. The Exhibition Zone offers a unique Korean-style rest area and features works representing the architectural beauty of Seoul Sky as the pride and joy of South Korea's architectural achievements.